Die Stoffe sind ein Muss!

Liebhaber von D’ETOILES CASIOPÉ haben mehr als eine Hose von der aktuellen Kollektion.

Tragekomfort und „Reisetauglichkeit“ für Business und den täglichen Gebrauch.

D’ETOILES CASIOPÉ is a sophisticated brand designed for woman with fashionable DNA. It’s possible to wear D’ETOILES CASIOPÉ any time of the day, as the quality used suits multi purposes; sportive, leisure, work and eveningwear.

Signature for D’ETOILES CASIOPÉ is use of stretch qualities available in various stylish designs. The range offers a total look from tops, blouses, jackets, pants, skirts and dresses available throughout Europe.

Quality used for D’ETOILES CASIOPÉ is described as the original travel wear because it’s easy to pack in your suitcase and to wear during travel. No need for ironing as it doesn’t wrinkle when you travel, and any style combined makes you look feminine, stylish, confident yet minimalistic.

Businesswomen feel confident wearing D’ETOILES CASIOPÉ in the office as they look representative, stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

Colors remain the same, so you can start collecting D’ETOILES CASIOPÉ items to create your personal wardrobe and combine styles of different seasons together. Easily done as designs are timeless and always translated into feminine simplicity.

D’ETOILES CASIOPÉ offers 2 new collections a year which are available throughout Europe.