Wenn Mode was Besonderes ist, dann hält die Liebe dazu manchmal länger, wie manche Liebesgeschichte.

TANDEM & TRANSIT begleitet uns nun schon über 20 Jahre.

Es ist das Besondere… die Kollektion, die Farben, die Liebe zu kleinen Details und die unverwechselbaren Styles.

Mode für mehr als eine Saison.

Tam & Company is an Italian fashion company owned by the Cozza family since 1986.
Research, design, craftsmanship, special finishing, and plenty of dedication and enthusiasm are the hallmark of our products.
Prefer timeless designer clothes, a far cry from seasonal fashions
Adore elegant, dusty, almost neutral colors
Choose quality that has substance
simplicity is complex

TANDEM was founded and distributed by Tam & Company Italy, since 1997, TANDEM is a contemporary blend of individuality and comfort with a feminine aspect.
The brands usage of high-quality yarns is aesthetically transformed into individual pieces for all occasions.
The inspiration comes from the raw yarns which are sourced and researched in house. Engineering at its finest.
TANDEM is identifiable by its hand finishing, garment dying and use of the finest yarns.
The collection is centered by knitted jacquards and fine silks which can be worn individually or combined to create a unique look.

TANDEM Frühjahr-Sommer 2020

TRANSIT Frühjahr-Sommer 2020